Zerona Side Effects: What are the Side Effects of Zerona?

In the arduous quest to lose fat, one might find that normal working out and dieting are not treating the common “problem areas” that most of us have, such as flab around the lower belly, love handles and/or thighs. Since fat loss can be especially troublesome in these areas, people often turn to plastic surgery as a solution. However, there are often some risks of plastic surgery that scare people away. Some procedures are quite intensive, and some come with a long recovery period. The tummy tuck recovery, for example, is particularly significant, taking up to a year after the initial surgery before the patient is fully recovered, then another year until the scars fade. This, along with the immense tummy tuck cost, is enough to scare a lot of people away from getting it done. Because there are so many plastic surgery procedures that have such high risks, people often to turn to other means of losing fat that are effective but carry a much lower risk of harmful side effects. Zerona is one such procedure. Simply put, are no negative Zerona side effects, other than what you want – which is fat loss.

Zerona Side Effects: Nothing, really.

Zerona works by using a low level laser to stimulate the fat cells underneath the skin to liquefy them, and make them smaller. Once that fat has been liquefied, it moves from inside the original fat cell, through the cell membrane, and into the interstitial space outside the cell where it will eventually be absorbed by the lymphatic system and removed from the body. Along with proper diet and exercise, this results in targeted fat loss finally being removed from the problem areas of the body that don’t respond to normal diet and exercise. Through this process, it has been concluded that there are no known Zerona side effects. The only Zerona side effect is a smaller waist. Zerona is not like liposuction or a tummy tuck, in fact, it does not even truly quality as plastic surgery, more like a cosmetic surgery procedure.

At a Plastic Surgeon’s convention that took place in Beverly Hills, CA in December 2009, many different plastic surgeons who have been administering Zerona for over 8 years to themselves and their patients have concluded that there are, in fact, no negative Zerona side effects to speak of. The laser used is extremely safe, and does not penetrate deep into the body past the fat cells. Zerona is considered one the safest methods of “laser liposuction” on the market today. Once again, there are absolutely no known negative Zerona side effects to be worried about.

Alternatives to Zerona – Liposuction and Laser Liposuction

Although the fact that there are no negative Zerona side effects makes it a very attractive procedure, there are other methods of laser fat removal that may be more effective than Zerona. Also, nothing beats traditional liposuction surgery if you have a fairly significant amount of fat that you need to lose (although, if you have a lot of loose skin as well as fat, the only thing that will treat both is a tummy tuck). You can read more about other methods of laser fat removal and read about other methods other than Zerona to decide what sounds best for you.

However, even though it involves surgery, be aware that there are also very few negative liposuction side effects as well, other than some minor bruising and swelling. Also plastic surgery prices have come down so much lately that you can get away with just one area of liposuction for almost the same cost as Zerona treatment. If the risks of liposuction scare you too much, however, always remember that there are no known negative Zerona side effects, so if safety is the number one goal, try Zerona first.

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