Spider Vein Removal Cost – Complete Guide

Spider Vein Removal, a.k.a. Sclerotherapy, generally costs from $225 to $450 per session with a national average cost of $323.

Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removal Before and After

Spider veins, called telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities, are similar to varicose veins but are very tiny broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin. They occur mostly on the face and legs and plague more than 40% of all adult females. Men get them as well, but not in such large numbers. They are called spider veins because they look somewhat like a spider with tiny veins radiating out from the center. Not only can these tiny, purplish-blue veins make your ankles, legs and thighs look unattractive, they can cause aching and pain.  They may also cause itchiness, swelling and leg cramps.

Why do spider veins occur? They can be genetic but may also arise during pregnancy or after weight gain or trauma to the legs. You may encourage the onset of spider veins if you do a lot of sitting and/or standing for long periods of time.

How does one get rid of spider veins? There are two commonly performed procedures (or spider vein surgery) to alleviate the problem of spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the most widespread method of spider vein removal. The doctor will inject the veins with a solution (called a sclerosant) that causes the veins to collapse and fade away. Lasers can be also be used to permanently eliminate spider veins by dissolving them with intense laser light.

In this article, we will examine spider vein removal cost when having sclerotherapy.

Spider Vein Removal Cost

The expense of sclerotherapy differs extensively by region and spider vein removal cost is determined by a number of aspects, such as how many veins are treated, how big the veins are, if one or both legs need therapy, and the abilities of the medical professional performing the sclerotherapy. The larger the treatment area, the higher the cost will be.

Sclerotherapy generally costs from $225 to $450 per session with a national average cost of $323. This cost represents the treatment of one leg. Keep in mind that you may need multiple sessions to take care of the problem. This could cause the spider vein removal cost to add up fast. If you need sclerotherapy on both legs, your costs may go as high as $1,500. You should expect a higher cost if your spider veins are extensive or if a physician performs the treatment instead of a trained technician.

As with any procedure spider vein removal costs will differ based on your geographical area. Expect to pay less for sclerotherapy in Houston than in Los Angeles, for example. You will also have to pay a facility fee to the facility where the sclerotherapy is performed. This could be your doctor’s office or another walk-in facility. You may also incur expenses after treatment, such as for compression stockings (around $60), if the treated veins were extensive.

As a comparison, laser spider vein removal cost can be substantially more expensive, starting at about $400 per session. You could also consider vein removal using spider vein removal creams, but they have not been proven to be very effective.

Sclerotherapy is considered cosmetic so your health insurance will not cover the spider vein removal cost. Talk to your doctor to find out if he or she offers payment plans or financing.

An important consideration is that, if you also have varicose veins, you should always them first instead of focusing on the spider veins alone. If your varicose veins remain untreated, the spider veins will come back.

Having your spider veins removed will enhance your appearance and restore your self-confidence. Maybe you can even wear shorts again without being self-conscious? Just remember to ask your doctor questions about the treatment so you will be prepared and know what to expect.

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