Otoplasty Cost – Factors That Determine the Cost of Otoplasty

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The average cost of otoplasty is roughly $3,500, although it can vary a lot according to the factors we will discuss in this article.

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures for children is ear surgery, or otoplasty. Otoplasty corrects a variety of deformities of the ears, but most commonly, it refers to pinning back ears that stick out too much. Getting otoplasty done at a young age can save the child a lot of psychological trauma, such as teasing at school from his or her peers. However, otoplasty is also performed on adults quite frequently. Considering otoplasty, either for one’s self or for their child, will usually entail searching around to find the lowest otoplasty cost possible. In this article, we will discuss otoplasty cost in more detail, and give tips on how to go about finding the lowest otoplasty cost without sacrificing the quality of the plastic surgeon.

Otoplasty Cost Will Depend on the Doctor

Otoplasty cost will depend a great deal on the doctor performing the surgery. New doctors who are just starting out in the plastic surgery field and have not yet made a name for themselves will not be able to demand high prices. Doctors who have been in the plastic surgery field, especially with an emphasis and wealth of experience in otoplasty, will be able to demand a much higher price. The reason why the otoplasty cost will be higher is because patients are paying for the doctor’s expertise, and the patient will generally have a higher degree of confidence in a doctor who has been practicing for a long time vs. a relative newcomer. However, otoplasty cost is not the only factor which reflects the skill of the doctor. Always ask to see before and after photos of his work, and research the doctor very carefully. Look at the results he is able to provide for his patients as your number one concern, not he what he charges for otoplasty.

The Location Where the Surgery Is Performed

Where the surgery is performed will influence the cost of otoplasty in a big way. In wealthy areas, such as Newport Beach, CA, all cosmetic surgery prices will run a lot higher than they would in less affluent areas. If the cost of otoplasty is too high in your area, you may want to consider the option of travel. Many patients travel to get their plastic surgery, sometimes not just out of town but completely out of the country. The trend of finding cheap plastic surgery overseas is growing rapidly. Even when taking into consideration the price of the plane ticket, hotel and other travel expenses, the actual cost of the surgery may be so much cheaper overseas that it may still save you money in the end. However, as stated before, you shouldn’t let otoplasty cost be your main concern. If you find a doctor who is experienced, has a good amount of impressive before and after photos, makes you feel comfortable and is also inexpensive, by all means, go with him. But never choose an under qualified doctor because he charges less – otoplasty cost is not the first concern, quality results are.

The Type of Otoplasty that needs to be performed

Otoplasty is broad term encompassing surgery for several types of ear deformities, and each type has a different cost. The most common type of otoplasty is simply pinning back ears that stick out too much but it is not the only type. Otoplasty also covers deformities such as “lop ear” (ear lobes bend down and forward), “shell ear” or “cupped ear” (either a very tiny ear, or an ear that lacks natural creases). It can even cover repairing the ear from traumatic injury. It is impossible to give accurate price estimates for each type, but we can provide our best estimates. For repairing the ear from a traumatic injury using the person’s own cartilage can cost as little as $2,000 to $2,500, of course depending on the extent of the injury. Pinning back overly protruding ears is actually the more expensive, roughly $4,000 – $6000. These are just estimates as otoplasty cost will vary a lot from person to person, doctor to doctor, and city to city, but they may help provide information for some patients.

Finding the Right Doctor

As has been stated previously in this article, your main concern is not finding a good deal on the lowest possible otoplasty cost. Your goal is to find a doctor who can provide you, or your child, with excellent results. Research your doctor, look at before and after photos, meet with them in person, speak to their previous patients, etc. before even giving a thought to otoplasty cost. You will be happy you did in the end when you get the results you (or your child) desires.

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