Otoplasty Before and After Photos, Results

Otoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery in which one can have the appearance of their ears changed. The size of one’s ears can be reduced as well as bringing the ears closer to the head. Many problems such as deformed ears, unusually large ears and other severe deformities can be treated with otoplasty. The effects of otoplasty before and after can have a dramatic effect on one’s appearance. If someone has been or is extremely self-conscious by the appearance of their ears, the surgery may produce some amazing results. No cosmetic procedure can or will produce guaranteed results. Therefore, you must proceed with caution when it comes to any type of surgical procedure. However, the results of otoplasty before and after surgery are usually quite good, with more than 90% of the patients being extremely pleased with the results.

Otoplasty Surgery

Ear shaping and reduction can actually restore the normal balance of one’s face. This will also influence the proportion of the head to the body, in essence balancing them out. The contours of one’s face may actually appear to be smoother after the procedure. Upon completion of the procedure, the patient will see immediate results. Because this procedure has one of the shortest recovery times, a patient will be able to remove bandages and have a look within a week. This creates a boost to one’s self-esteem in about a week, even when one may have been struggling with their confidence for years. Being able to walk down the street and not have to wonder if someone is staring at you because how much your ears stick out can be a wonderful feeling. Otoplasty just might be able to change that look, and create a new you.

Otoplasty Before and After

So, are most people after with the results of otoplasty before and after the surgery? The long-term result of the procedure, as reported by most patients through surveys, seems to last for a lifetime. The ear is able to maintain a natural shape and the cartilage appears to remain stable. Some doctors report what is called a “spiraling back” of the cartilage because the tissue is naturally elastic. This means it may actually stretch back to the original position over time, but doctors are fully aware of this and are able to compensate for this during the surgery. Understand that questions such as these must be presented to the doctor. Make sure the doctor has performed many of these types of procedures and ask for otoplasty before and after photos of previous patients.

Otoplasty Overall Results

Otoplasty surgery is entirely up to the person. Obviously, the effectiveness of the procedure will be how the patient feels about their new look, and the vast majority of patients report that they are very happy with the final results. Therefore, if someone is struggling with confidence issues stemming from the appearance of their ears, and has been for years, it is a procedure that definitely should be considered. Once the ears are reshaped, they will stay that way forever and the patient will no longer have to endure any more insecurities regarding the appearance of their ears.

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