Mole Removal Cost and Laser Mole Removal Cost

Mole removal cost will depend upon a number of factors. Some people want to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons. Other times, a doctor may decide to remove a mole to have it checked for malignant or cancerous cells. In any case, the mole removal cost will vary from doctor to doctor but usually only costs between $200 and $600, with an average cost of about $500. One should consider all the factors when deciding whether the cost of mole removal is a feasible choice.

Mole Removal Before and After

Mole Removal Before and After


Mole Removal Methods

Moles are usually removed in one of two ways. The first method involves the doctor shaving off the mole at skin level with a scalpel then cauterizing the wound. The second method actually cuts out the mole and some of the skin surrounding it then stitching up the wounded area. The mole removal cost may depend upon which method is used, but each method involves the use of a local anesthesia. These days, lasers may also be used to remove moles as well.

Insurance and Mole Removal Cost

Insurance usually does not cover the mole removal cost. However, if a doctor suspects that the moles have cancerous cells, insurance should pay for the procedure. This will drive up the costs to include the extra testing. Furthermore, if the surgeon uses the shaving technique, moles can grow back and the procedure will have to be performed again.

Ways to Save on Mole Removal Cost

Removing moles is a rather common procedure, so there are ways to pay less for it. Going to a local dermatology school may find yield a lower overall mole removal price as the surgery is performed by a physician in training under the supervision of a licensed surgeon. Otherwise, the surgery can be performed in the doctor’s office. The practicing physician should be licensed by the American Board of Dermatology.

Other Factors that Affect the Cost of Mole Removal

It is very important to weigh all factors into the cost of mole removal. There are products on the market that promise removal, but they may actually be dangerous and cause more problems than they help. The extra cost of seeing a licensed and credible physician may just be worth the price rather than taking the risk on a product or procedure that does not work.

The last two factors that will affect mole removal cost are the experience and expertise of the doctor who will be performing the procedure and the location of his office. Highly experienced and prestigious doctors that are well know and established in their field will be able to charge more than doctors who are just starting out. This is why you may be able to find cheaper mole removal prices by looking around a dermatology school and getting it performed by a doctor in training, rather than an experienced doctor. However, with this lower overall cost will also come a lack of skill and experience by the doctor, and may lead to less favorable results – for example, more scarring. You will have to do your own research and find a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and that you are confident can give you good results, rather than solely looking at the mole removal cost as the only factor. Lastly, the location of the doctor’s office will play a role in the final price. Doctors who work in very affluent areas where there are a lot of plastic surgeons, such as Beverly Hills, CA, will typically have higher cosmetic surgery prices than you would find in smaller towns.

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