Male Rhinoplasty Info, Before and After Photos

Women are still ahead in the cosmetic surgery game, undergoing about 90% of all plastic surgery procedures. However, old stereotypes are disappearing. Men have joined in and are quickly becoming knowledgeable, demanding cosmetic surgery consumers.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, male cosmetic procedures, both surgical and minimally invasive, increased 5% between 2009 and 2010. In terms of numbers of procedures, nose reshaping procedures such as male rhinoplasty topped the list. The desire to look better and younger is not just reserved for women any more. Rhinoplasty for men is on the rise today with 25% of the surgeries performed on men. In fact, male rhinoplasty techniques today have been customized to suit the male face.

Situated right in the middle of our faces, the nose is one of our most prominent and noticeable features. The size or shape of it alone may attract unwanted attention. Maybe there is a large bump in it or it has a drooping tip. Noses do not grow but tissues do sag with age and this can make the nose look bigger and longer. Maybe men, like women, simply don’t like the way they look and want to improve their self-esteem. Or maybe their nose was damaged because of a fight or a sports injury. Nose defects can cause serious breathing, snoring or speech problems. Male rhinoplasty may be a great solution.

Our youth-obsessed culture has also created more demand for ways to eliminate the tell-tale signs of aging. Men face more competition in the workplace and on the dating scene. A younger appearance can make all the difference in a person’s self-confidence. These are some of the reasons more and more men are considering nose surgery.

Are male noses different from female noses?

Masculine noses are usually strong and prominent. They should look different from feminine noses. Many women want narrow, straight noses while men typically want wider ones. And they don’t have to be completely straight; some deviations can look very appropriate and provide a rugged, more chiseled masculine look. Most men do not want small, soft looking noses. In any event, the nose should fit the rest of the face and the latest male rhinoplasty techniques can achieve this goal.

Men tend to have a stronger bone and cartilage structure and the layers of skin at the tips of their noses are thicker. This thick skin (more common in men) can worsen with age, resulting in a droopy nasal tip which necessitates sculpting of fat and tissue. An osteotomy (narrowing of the nasal bones) is performed a bit differently to avoid indentations on either side of the nose which are less acceptable for a male nose. The angles and spacing between the nose and upper lip differ for men. Cartilage grafts may be also necessary to create a stronger nasal structure. Because of their thicker skin, the surgeon may recommend a laser procedure to shrink pores and skin. Also, a “weak” chin or flat cheek bones can make a nose look larger, so some surgeons may recommend chin augmentation or cheek implants in combination with male rhinoplasty.

Of course, doctors cannot create just any nose. If you want a nose like George Clooney’s, you may not get it! The procedure will be limited by the natural structure of your nose. However, the surgeon who specializes in male rhinoplasty can give you an idea about what changes and improvements are possible and whether you have realistic goals for the outcome.

About Rhinoplasty

There are several methods of rhinoplasty that allow surgeons to shape bone and cartilage and improve the nose’s appearance and function. The consensus among plastic surgeons is that men most frequently undergo closed rhinoplasty.

  • Closed rhinoplasty – The surgeon makes the necessary incisions inside the nostrils. With this method, swelling and bruising typically improves in one to six weeks. It also promotes faster healing and less visible scarring. However some enhancements to the nose may not be attainable because the surgeon is unable to see parts of the inside of the nose.
  • Open rhinoplasty – This method requires an additional incision across the skin separating the nostrils. The surgeon will separate the skin from the bone and cartilage and reshape everything. Even though this method may cause swelling and bruising that could last from one to six months, some doctors prefer the open rhinoplasty because it gives them better visibility of the entire nose.
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty – This procedure is done with injectible substances and does not require anything more than topical anesthesia, if any. It can correct mild to moderate nasal imperfections using dermal fillers such as Radiesse™.

Rhinoplasty is typically performed on an outpatient basis and an uncomplicated procedure takes about one to three hours. A splint is applied to maintain the new shape of the nose, and nasal packing is sometimes used to stabilize it. The splint will usually come off after two weeks and the packing after a few days.

Rhinoplasty for men does not typically cause any major complications beyond the expected risks of bruising, bleeding, swelling, numbness or infection. Rarely, patients may have ruptured blood vessels or nerve damage.

Good candidates for male rhinoplasty

The best candidates for male rhinoplasty are men who:

  • are in good mental and physical health;
  • are at least 16 years of age;
  • have realistic expectations;
  • do not have diabetes, heart, liver or lung disease, or a history of blood clots; (these can subject you to more complications).

You should advise your surgeon if you have had previous nose surgery or an injury to the nose. Trauma to the nose, no matter how long ago, can be responsible for breathing problems as well as the overall look and symmetry of the nose. The more your surgeon knows about your history, the more capable he or she will be while treating you.

How much is rhinoplasty?

On average, male rhinoplasty ranges from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on how much work needs to be done and your location.

Do your research and find a qualified plastic surgeon that specializes in male rhinoplasty. Male and female noses are quite different and you will want a surgeon with experience to keep the masculine look of your nose.  A better surgeon will equate to a better outcome. Successful surgery will create a natural, balanced and well-proportioned nose while improving your breathing function.

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