Lip Augmentation & Lip Injections – Cost, Photos, Risks, Results

Lip augmentation or lip injections have become one of the most popular facial cosmetic enhancement procedures. It provides great results for improving the look of thin or deformed lips as well as for reducing the effects of aging. Lip injections can be done through various types of dermatological facial fillers, fat transfer as well as special with lip implants. In many cases it is a standalone procedure but it can also be part of a full facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery such as a face lift.


Lip Augmentation Before and After

Lip Augmentation Before and After


Lip Augmentation Before and After

Another Lip Augmentation Before and After

What types of cosmetic fillers are available?

There are over 30 different types of cosmetic dermatologic fillers used in lip injections. Some of the most popular brands are Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Prevelle Silk, Elevess, Radiesse, Evolence, Sculptra, Cosmoplast, Cosmoderm and Artefil. Each filler brand differs in terms of chemical composition, usage and application, longevity and cost.

Some filler types, such as Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane, are called Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers because their main compound is Hyaluronic Acid derived from streptococcus bacteria. There are also fillers based on human or bovine collagen (Cosmoplast, Cosmoderm, Zyderm) as well as synthetic fillers (Radiesse).

Which type of fillers can be used for lip augmentation?

Not every dermatological filler type is suitable for lip augmentation. Some work well for lip injections, and others work best in other parts of the body. There is no unified and general differentiation in fillers usage according to the type of the materials from which the filler is derived. In general, Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers and collagen fillers are most commonly used for lip cosmetic procedures, while certain synthetic and collagen fillers are only used for treatment of other areas of the face and not for lips. The best way to determine which filler type and brand is the most appropriate for your specific needs is to consult your doctor.

How long do the results of lip augmentation with dermatological fillers last?

The results of lip augmentation/lip injections through dermatologic fillers may last from two to six months or more. The longevity of each filler depends on the type of the filler, the number of treatments and the specific conditions of the patient. Typically, lips enhancement done with Hyaluronic Acid fillers last between three and six months, with collagen based fillers – between six months and a year and with some synthetic fillers – from two to four years. It is interesting to point out that every subsequent treatment increases the amount of filler that resides unabsorbed in the lips and thus increases the longevity of the results. Some collagen based fillers can even offer lifetime long results after several treatments.

How is lip augmentation with lip implants done?

Lip augmentation with lip implants is relatively new approach to lip enhancement cosmetic procedures. It is done with the aid of implants manufactured of synthetic or organic materials. Some of the most widely used lip implants are Gore-Tex, SoftForm and and AlloDerm. The augmentation is usually done through small incisions in the corners of the mouth or in the inner side of the lips. Although lip implants are more expensive than dermatological fillers and the procedure is a bit more complicated, they offer permanent results. The only serious disadvantages of this method of lip enlargement are that the implants may migrate, in which case a second surgery may be required, or may cause allergic reactions.

What is Fat Grafting Lip Augmentation?

Fat grafting or fat transfer lip augmentation is done by extracting fat from one area of the body (knees, chin, abdomen, etc) and injecting it in the lips. Fat transfer lip augmentation is typically done as part of a bigger cosmetic surgery or liposuction procedure. The longevity of the results varies significantly among patients as each individual reabsorbs the fat in a different manner. It is common the results from fat grafting to last for a lifetime.

Which is the safest lip augmentation method?

Each lip enhancement method has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of results, risks, recovery time and costs. In general, lip enhancement procedures with dermatological fillers are the safest way to improve the look of the lips or reduce the wrinkles in the lip and mouth area. Lip implants carry more potential risks of post-operative complications and have a longer recovery period. However, since this is a relatively new lip augmentation technique, there is no much data regarding the prevalence of risks and complications in the long run.

Regardless of the type of the procedure, there is always some swelling of the lips immediately after the procedure. Some patients may experience numbness of the area of several hours or even a few days after the filler injection, implant insertion or fat grafting. Other risks include infections, soreness, and lumping, scarring and asymmetrical lips.

What is the cost of lip enhancement cosmetic procedures?

The costs of lip enhancement cosmetic procedures greatly vary in accordance with the type of the augmentation, the type of the fillers or implants, the surgical techniques used for the procedure and the amount of the filler or the number of implants used. Lip augmentation filler costs differ among different manufacturers and are usually connected with the main ingredient of the filler. For instance, Hyaluronic Acid derived fillers are more affordable than collagen based fillers; some synthetic fillers are more expensive than collagen-based or Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Typically the cost of one lip augmentation filler procedure varies between $350 and $500.

Lip implants price also depends on the brand of the implants and the material of which the implants are made. Typically, lip enhancement with the use of implants costs around $4000. The price of fat grafting lip augmentation is very similar to the price of lip implant augmentation and can vary according surgeons and geographic areas.

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