Laser Rhinoplasty – How Does it Compare to Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Laser rhinoplasty refers to a procedure done via CO2 laser to remove excess skin thickness or deformities of the nose. It does not involve surgically cutting the nose open and reshaping it like a regular rhinoplasty procedure, though in some cases the two procedures could be performed together. It is important to understand that for noses that require reshaping, the only way to correct this is through a standard rhinoplasty procedure, not with laser rhinoplasty.

Laser Rhinoplasty

Example of how laser rhinoplasty is used to re-shape the nose


What is Laser Rhinoplasty Used to Treat?

Laser Rhinoplasty is used to treat skin deformities of the nose. It is not used to reshape the nose, again this can only be done with by completely reconstructing the nose via cosmetic surgery. Laser rhinoplasty works great for removing scars or discoloration caused by acne or other conditions that leave unsightly marks on the nose. It also works astonishingly well for certain severe skin conditions such as rhinophyma. This is a condition in which there is excess skin on the nose, causing nasal deformities. Laser rhinoplasty works remarkably well for these types of deformities.

The Best Candidates for Laser Rhinoplasty

Whether you are a good candidate or not will also depend on your skin type. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor to make sure you are a good candidate, and definitely choose a doctor with a lot of experience. Of course, younger people who are in good shape both physically and mentally, are non-smokers, and have realistic expectations are the best candidates. However, people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s+ can still benefit greatly from laser rhinoplasty as the recovery is generally very favorable. It is very important to stop smoking while healing from the procedure however. Smoking causes the skin to get less blood flow and will impede the natural healing process. For best results, stay away from cigarettes. Also, if you are insulin dependent, have a clotting disorder, or are a diabetic you are not a good candidate for laser rhinoplasty.

How Laser Rhinoplasty is Performed

The procedure works by using a CO2 laser that actually causes superficial damage to skin, causing the body to then shed the damaged skin and reveal a layer of healthy, better looking skin underneath. The process may cause some stinging and discomfort, so the doctor will probably want to use an anesthetic of some kind. Caring for the skin after the procedure will be similar to the way one would care for sunburned skin. It is important to be very gentle with that area and not rub or scrub it too hard.

How Much Does Laser Rhinoplasty Cost?

Since the FDA classifies Laser Rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, it is unfortunately not covered by nearly all types of medical insurance. The cost of the procedure can vary greatly depending on the severity of the condition to be correct, the type of skin the patient has, the doctor’s experience and any other fees such as anesthesia. Although it is hard to say exactly how much it will cost, it will likely be in the range or $2000 – $3000.

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