Cheap Plastic Surgery

Do you need help finding cheap plastic surgery? Whether you are looking for a tummy tuck, liposuction, Botox, or other type of plastic surgery, it is now easier than ever to find cheap plastic surgery offered by reputable doctors in America and overseas. Pricing for plastic surgery is dependent upon a wide variety of factors including the gender of the patient, the type of surgery that is wanted, and where you are having the surgery performed. Other factors to consider are the complexity of the surgery, which can vary depending upon the health and weight of the patient, and the experience of the doctor performing the operation.

Prices for Nonsurgical Procedures

The cheapest form of plastic surgery is nonsurgical procedures such as Botox and collagen. Botox prices in the US average about $350 for each area or shot. Areas that require more than one injection can cost anywhere from $500 to $1300. Even within the US, the price of your Botox injection varies depending upon your geographic location. It is significantly cheaper on average to get Botox injections in the Western United States than in the Northwest United States. There are some exceptions to this generalization, of course. For example, getting the procedure done in California will probably be more expensive because of the higher costs of living, which affects the costs of medical care. International prices can be a lot cheaper. For instance in Thailand and India, their cheap plastic surgery prices for Botox is $250 or lower per shot. In some places in India, the price can be even lower, around $150, which is less than half the cost of the price to have Botox in the US.

Surgical Procedure Costs

More invasive and complicated procedures cost a lot more, and the prices vary depending on how long you are in the hospital and what surgery you are having. Some of the most common types of plastic surgery are liposuction, breast implants, and tummy tucks. Standard US prices for liposuction range from $3,500 to $7,500, breast implants are around 5,000 to 10,000, tummy tucks can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. International prices can be as low as 40% of the US costs, and oftentimes, this can include the cost of travel.

Finding Cheap Plastic Surgery

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly common as people travel overseas for cheap plastic surgery and other health care procedures. In fact, between 500, 000 and 750, 000 American went overseas for medical care in 2007. Although international doctors do not always have the same accreditation certifications, they often receive training that is similar to those required by medical professionals in the United States, and in fact, more and more foreign doctors are traveling to the US to receive American medical certifications and training. Before deciding on traveling out of the US for cheap plastic surgery, your should use the internet for research as well as call agencies specializing in medical tourism so you can be sure your surgery is performed by a reputable doctor. There is another thing to consider as well—if there are complications, the price can be staggering in both in price and emotional cost. This is definitely something to consider if you are considering leaving the country to have your surgery because you will be far from home.

Research Your Doctor

As with any type of surgery, there are always dangers, so you should be sure to research the doctor you are planning to go to whether that doctor is in the United States or out of the country. Another way to find a quality doctor is to research Facebook and other social media to review people’s personal stories about their international cheap plastic surgery experiences. There have been many successful cheap plastic surgery operations but on the other hand, there are many horror stories from patients who had cheap plastic surgery internationally. In one case, a patient who had lost 135 lbs naturally decided to go to Costa Rica for a body lift and had to have her abdomen completely reconstructed. Unfortunately, you will find similar stories from people who underwent plastic surgery in the US, so it does not necessarily have anything to do with the fact that it was in a foreign country; there are bad doctors everywhere.

Financing Your Plastic Surgery

You know you want plastic surgery, and you have researched and chosen the type of surgery you want and the doctor you want to see. You have found the best doctor offering the cheap plastic surgery you need. Next, is a big obstacle you need to overcome—how do you pay for your surgery costs? Some people can afford to pay for their medical bill with money from their savings or have the cost offset by their health and/or supplemental insurance plans. For those without those resources, financing could be the answer to their financial problems.

You could try to get a personal loan from your bank, sell your possessions, get a second job, or refinance your mortgage. If those options do not work for you, you might be able to get assistance from your plastic surgeon. Many plastic surgery offices are now offering a variety of financing options from local and national lenders specializing in helping patients pay for their plastic surgery costs. However, you need to consider the decision carefully. If you decide to finance your surgery, the loan you get will be unsecured, which means that you do not have collateral against the loan so the penalties are much higher if you cannot pay. These loans usually have high interest rates even if you have good credit. Those without good credit can pay extremely high rates up to 27.99%. In addition, if you default, the rates can rise exponentially. Therefore, even if you get cheap plastic surgery, the cost of repaying your loan can be high.

Cheap plastic surgery is out there. Whether you decide to look for cheap plastic surgery in the United States or travel internationally to get a better deal, you just have to do the research to make sure you consider all the options and find the safest and most reputable doctor in your price range.

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