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Chin Liposuction – Cost, Risks, Before and After Photos, Videos

Some of us are troubled by fat deposits under our chins, or “double” chins, and want more than anything to get rid of the problem! It used to be that we had to undergo a facelift or chin tuck to … Continue reading

Hair Restoration for Women and Hair Replacement for Women

Baldness and hair restoration are things people relate mostly with men. However, hair loss can be equally distressing for women but society does not readily accept baldness in women as it does in men. According to the International Society of … Continue reading

Dental Implants Problems

When you are considering whether or not to have dental implants to replace one or more decayed or missing teeth, be sure to talk to your dental implant specialist about any potential dental implant problems or risks you may experience. … Continue reading

Teosyal – Cost, Effectiveness, Safety, Before and After Photos

As baby boomers age, there is a growing demand for cosmetic anti-aging treatments, particularly in the area of tissue rejuvenation and facial wrinkles. One of the most popular types of treatment for rejuvenating tissue and eliminating wrinkles, primarily on the … Continue reading

Restylane Under Eyes Before and After

Are you thinking about surgery to eliminate sunken eyes, circles under the eyes or the puffiness under eyes that is making you feel old or look tired? Consider Restylane. There is no need to suffer any longer or fool around … Continue reading

Complete Guide to All Types of Skin Tightening Procedures

Are you at war with the natural signs of aging? Are you discouraged by wrinkled or sagging skin on your face or elsewhere on your body? Maybe you want to take 5 or 10 years off your look. Maybe you … Continue reading

Guide to Wrinkle Fillers – Which is the best Wrinkle Filler?

You may already use some type of anti-wrinkle product on your face. Have you considered a wrinkle filler? Do you know anything about them and how they work? We have all heard about Botox® injections – Botox® has been in … Continue reading

Male Rhinoplasty Info, Before and After Photos

Women are still ahead in the cosmetic surgery game, undergoing about 90% of all plastic surgery procedures. However, old stereotypes are disappearing. Men have joined in and are quickly becoming knowledgeable, demanding cosmetic surgery consumers. According to the American Society … Continue reading

Laser Skin Tightening – How it Works, Cost, Risks, Results, Pics

As we age, we begin to notice sagging skin here and there, particularly around our faces and necks. This is primarily due to the fact that the collagen in our body diminishes as we get older. If you want to … Continue reading

Restylane Before and After Photos & Results

If you are looking for a safe and reliable product to help smooth your facial wrinkles, consider Restylane. This hyaluronic acid dermal filler is particularly successful for treating facial wrinkles that occur around the mouth and nose. This is the … Continue reading